Dr. Beth Patin

Information Equity ~ Cultural Competence ~ Crisis Informatics ~ Epistemicide

Brief bio

Dr. Beth Patin is an Assistant Professor at Syracuse University’s School of Information Studies. Beth’s research agenda focuses on the equity of information in two research streams: crisis informatics and cultural competence. She is the co-founder of the Library Information Investigative Team research group. Currently, she is working on projects about epistemicide and at the intersection of disability and race in youth literature. Additionally, she is a member of the Advisory Board on the Laura Bush Foundation for America’s Libraries.

Beth Patin PhD MSIS MLIS

Featured Event: Augusta Baker Lecture Series (1/28/21)

Abstract: "Epistemicide is the killing, silencing, annihilation, or devaluing of a knowledge system and this happens when epistemic injustices are persistent and systematic and collectively work as a structured and systemic oppression of our particular ways of knowing. Thus far, we’ve identified 4 types of epistemic injustices: testimonial, hermeneutical, participatory, and curriculum. Assumptions of neutrality in language, social processes, and professions are part of how we arrived at the present historical moment in time. Acknowledgement of and taking steps to interrupt epistemic injustices and its specific harms are necessary actions towards justice."

Reading: Patin, B., Sebastian, M., Yeon, J., & Bertolini, D. (2020). Toward epistemic justice: An approach for conceptualizing epistemicide in the information professions. Proceedings of the Association for Information Science and Technology, 57(1). https://doi.org/10.1002/pra2.242